About D. Allen

This is a portrait of D. Allen wearing a red plaid shirt and leaning against a light blue wall. The portrait is juxtaposed with an up-close image of a pink magnolia bud.

Photos by grey doolin (c) 2014

D. Allen is a queer/genderqueer poet and interdisciplinary artist. They currently live in Minneapolis, MN, but have strong ties to Madison, WI, Durham, NC, and southern Vermont. D. is a 2017 graduate of the Creative Writing MFA program at the University of Minnesota. Using poetic and essayistic forms, D.’s writing explores the body, illness, disability, intimacy, the natural world, sexuality, and gender.

After graduating from Bennington College in 2009, the LGBTQ Narratives group—a twice-monthly meeting space for queer activist-writers in Madison, WI—nurtured D.’s poetic voice from 2010-2013, and provided a venue in which to explore collaboration, performance and spoken word. In collaboration with Narratives members, D. wrote for, performed in, and co-produced Conceal & Carry: Queers Exposed, a play of monologues by queer-identified writers. They have since written and performed for The Naked I, a Minneapolis production by 20% Theatre Company.

D. is working to complete their first manuscript: a hybrid collection of poems, lyric essays, and images that uses memory, narrative, and experimental poetic structures to examine the effects of illness on the body. While developing this project, D. has received generous support in the form of residencies from The Lighthouse WorksWrite On, Door County!, the H.J. Andrews Experimental ForestThe Atlantic Center for the Arts, a Minnesota Emerging Writers’ Grant from the Loft Literary Center, as well as a Michael Dennis Browne Fellowship, a College of Liberal Arts (CLA) grant from the University of Minnesota, and two James Wright Prizes from the Academy of American Poets.