Hello and welcome! My name is D. Allen, and The Body Connected is the online home for my creative work. I am a queer, genderqueer poet, educator, and multidisciplinary artist living in Minneapolis, MN; for more about me, please visit my bio, check out my Artist CV, or take a look through my portfolio.

I named this site The Body Connected in response to being diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder in my mid-twenties. This particular health condition means that my body produces faulty collagen, which is the component that holds our joints, skin, organs, and tissues together. As an artist, I see my creative work—both the tangible projects I produce and the community- and relationship-driven elements of my practice—as a lyrical way to offset the painful lack of connection present in my body. This desire for literal and metaphorical connection is the focus of my first book, A Bony Framework for the Tangible Universewhich is now available for preorder from The Operating System.

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