Creative Consulting Services

Spring 2020 Update: I am not currently taking on new consulting projects, but if you have something particular in mind, it never hurts to ask–please feel free to get in touch with the knowledge that I may not be able to say yes. Thank you for your patience and interest!

The Basics

Who I work with

I enjoy offering a range of creative support services to writers, artists, thinkers, activists, and community members working in all disciplines and at all stages in their creative lives. Just to clarify:

  • You do not have to call yourself a writer or an artist to access my services
  • You do not have to be employed or recognized as an artist to access my services
  • You do not have to have any formal training in the arts to access my services
  • You do not have to have a portfolio, a history of publication or exhibition, or a body of work to access my services
  • But if you identify with some or all of these things, that’s great too!

My services may interest to you if:

  • You have questions about creative resources, skill-building, or developing creative projects that you’d like to talk about with a professional multidisciplinary artist
  • You’re interested in making space for your creative process in both your daily life and your long-term vision
  • You’re looking for ways to reflect on your social and political role as an artist, and to use your creative work to contribute to your communities
  • You want one-on-one guidance from a teaching artist—such as reading recommendations, work habit tips, creative exercises, professional strategies, editorial services, and more—outside of a classroom setting
  • You would benefit from a collaborative, conversational, supportive approach

If this sounds like you, get a sense of my consulting style and values below, or keep scrolling for a list of my current services.

My consulting style

My desire to serve my community through creative consultation is rooted in my own experiences as a working writer and artist. When I was a graduate student teaching writing and literature courses at the University of Minnesota, I enjoyed hearing my students’ ideas, listening to their concerns, connecting them with resources that might support their particular needs and interests, and watching their creative and intellectual confidence bloom. I learned how to teach in the conventional sense of the word, but I found that my favorite way to connect with people was not by lecturing from the front of a classroom, marking corrections on poem drafts, or assigning grades, but by having open-ended, collaborative conversations one-on-one or in small groups. These are the moments in which I feel the most change taking place. A free exchange of thoughts and possibilities replaces rigid educational hierarchies. I use a framework of collaborative inquiry, active listening, and intentional guidance, which allows for new ideas to emerge without relying on unsolicited criticism or heavy lecturing. These supportive interactions are the type of work I live for.

If you’d like to know more about my professional background, check out my Bio and Artist CV. Please keep reading for information about my specific services.

A note on identity and access

My work is guided by my lived experience and shaped by ongoing reflection about my social roles, responsibilities, and privileges. I hold white privilege, I am a young person with a degenerative disability, I am queer and genderqueer, and I have had access to higher education and institutional support for my creative work. I am (and will forever be) actively working to recognize my own complicity in oppressive systems of power on both systemic and interpersonal levels. I have experienced ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny in educational and artistic environments, and I have also benefited greatly from my whiteness and access to education, among other privileges.

All this to say: I want to use my skills to support other creative people who feel out of place in the literary and art worlds at large. When we work together, I will not presume to know who you are or what you are capable of; I prefer to follow your lead, ask open-ended questions, and recognize the subjective aspects of my views instead of bombarding you with some mythical “right way” to be an artist. As such, I preface all my consulting services with a brief online questionnaire about who you are, what your goals are in working with me, and how I can best support you, even if we only work together once. I will also ask about your accessibility needs and preferred communication styles, to ensure that you can make the most of our time.

I would love to learn about your vision and support your creative process in whatever ways I can. If you would like to access my services but cannot afford the rates listed below, please contact me anyway. I will always offer sliding-scale services and payment plans on a case-by-case basis.

My Services

90-minute consultation on creative projects & process

$85 for one session, or a bundle of four sessions for $300

Takes place in person (Minneapolis) or virtually via video chat, phone, or accessible equivalent

Working with people one-on-one is my favorite way of offering artistic support and guidance. Before we meet, I’ll send you a brief questionnaire to help you reflect on the topics you’d like to cover, which allows me to tailor each 90-minute session to your specific needs, questions, and creative concerns. For example, a consultation might include one or several of the following topics:

  • A discussion of your personal and professional artistic vision in which we build a personal list of resources, tools, and strategies that will help you meet your goals
  • A step-by-step breakdown of the process of applying for creative residencies, fellowships, and grants
  • A focused review of your current project, including any drafts or works-in-progress, with the intention to help you move through stuck places and make a plan for next steps
  • A compassionate conversation about your creative work habits, paired with suggestions on how to refresh your routine and allocate adequate space and time for your projects
  • Any other topics that would serve you and your creative vision

Aside from the pre-consultation questionnaire and a brief follow-up after our meeting, this type of consultation happens entirely in real time. If you’d like me to review your project materials before we talk, and/or offer more in-depth editorial feedback, check out my other services below.

Quick materials review

$40 for materials review (guidelines below), succinct written feedback, and brief conversation

Takes place virtually via email and video chat, phone, or accessible equivalent

If you’re feeling stuck on a particular section of your project, want to polish a work sample or small portfolio, or are taking an artistic risk for which you’d like compassionate professional support, I would love to work with you. I will review your materials and provide you with concise, personalized, and focused feedback. A quick materials review includes:

  • Quick turnaround time (approximately 5-7 days, dependent on our schedules)
  • A brief questionnaire that asks you about your specific concerns and goals regarding our work together
  • A thoughtful review of your creative materials: submit up to 8 pages/2000 words of text, or 5 minutes of audio/video, or 5 images/5 pages of visual work, or hybrid materials that fall reasonably within those length guidelines*
  • Succinct written feedback on your materials (roughly a half-page of text, about 150-200 words)
  • Brief (approximately 15-30 minute) conversation about your submitted materials, in which I will address your questions and concerns, ask my own generative questions, and collaborate to identify possibilities for growth

If you would like me to review work that falls outside of these length guidelines by a little or a lot, just ask! I’m happy to adjust my guidelines and rates accordingly on a case-by-case basis. 

In-depth developmental consultation for a manuscript or project

For rates, contact me with a brief description of your manuscript or project, including length of the work you’d like me to review and the type of feedback you’d benefit from

If you are working on a large project and would like large-scale, in-depth, or longer-term support, I would love to hear more about your vision and make a plan for how I can best support you. This is going to look different for every person; therefore, I will offer you a quote after learning more about the project.

This type of consultation might take one or several of these forms:

  • Manuscript review of a book or chapbook of poetry, prose, or hybrid genre, either in sections or all at once
  • Regular, rigorous conversations about a project in any arts discipline over a period of weeks or months during developmental stages
  • Intensive in-line edits (text projects) or written/verbal feedback (all disciplines) on a on mid-stage projects of any length
  • Any other form you can think of that would benefit your project

Once you share more about your specific project and we agree on a rate, we can map out a timeline for our working relationship, set deadlines and goals, and arrange meetings in person (Minneapolis) or via email, phone, video chat, or accessible equivalent.

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