D.’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in the following publications:

Power, Poetry City USA (forthcoming Oct 2017)

In which two voices discuss the merits of writing about pain and Plans for the exoskeleton I’d like you to help me build, Lockjaw 2017

Spine and Thorn, pnk prl 2016

On Needles, Black Warrior Review 2016 (though the issue is in print, BWR also published my craft essay on the process of writing On Needles, which is available on their blog)

Autobodiography, Connotation Press 2016

Singing Bowl: A Round for Eight Voices, Rogue Agent 2016

Scapulimancy, Rogue Agent 2016

Great Plains, Poets.org 2015

Possession and A Collection of Thorns (reprint), QDA: A Queer Disability Anthology, November 2015 (print only) 2015

A Collection of Thorns, cream city review, 2015 (print only)