Collaborations and Other Media


O Sister,” a choral commission

Text written by D. Allen, music by Kathleen Allan, conducted and commissioned by Amanda Weber. “O Sister” was written in collaboration with the Voices of Hope, a women’s prison choir at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Shakopee, to be performed by both the Voices of Hope and the University of Minnesota Women’s Choir.

Restored Mural for Orlando cover

Restored Mural for Orlando: a chapbook
art & chapbook design
poem by Roy G. Guzmán, translation by Marco Antonio Huerta
Minneapolis, MN, 2016

This is a handmade book with a cardboard cover and collaged pages.

The Traveling Book Show
Creator and collaborator
Bennington, VT and other locations, 2007-2009



The Naked I: Self-Defined
20% Theatre Company
“Body : Language : Jungle”
Writer, performer
Minneapolis, MN 2016
Photo credit: Blythe Davis

D. Allen performs

Conceal & Carry: Queers Exposed
“there will be people”
Writer, performer, and co-producer
Madison, WI, 2012
Photo credit: grey doolin (2012)


This is a color laser transfer (monoprint), displaying the image of several pink magnolia petals sewn onto tree branches with thread.

To recover what’s been lost
Solo performance, installation, and edition of monoprints
Pink magnolia tree, petals, sewing thread, color laser print transfers
Bennington, VT, 2009
Top photo credit: Olivia Murphy (2009)